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Our Theory of Change demonstrates how the activities we run enable us to achieve our short and long term outcomes, ultimately helping us improve the physical and mental wellbeing of the young people and adults we work with, and empowering them to become more responsible citizens.


Diverse groups from the community

Skilled practitioners who develop trusting relationships with participants, empower them, keep them safe and follow their lead

Learning environments where failure is celebrated and children do not feel threatened or judged

Access to local woodlands and wild spaces


Sharing ideas / knowledge and learning from peers

Conflict resolution without adult intervention

Making compromises

Experience leading / being led by peers

Reflecting upon own needs and those of others

Children design their own projects

Journaling own progress

Loose parts play ‘risky’ activities and spaces to fail (fire lighting, woodland craft, axe work, tree climbing)

Creating a ‘yes space’

Exploring new spaces

Survival skills: creating shelter, finding, cooking and sharing food

Being outdoors in all weathers

Spending time still in nature vs. moving through it

Learning about ecosystems, food chains and life cycles

Responsible foraging

Nature-themed games / activities (bug houses, woodland animal role play)

Clearing rubbish

Leaving no trace policies

Short Term Outcomes

Increased empathy and trust

Improved communication / team working

Increased problem solving ability

Develop a sense of responsibility for self and others

Better understanding of consequences of own actions

Sense of empowerment

Develop new skills experiences and memories

Improved connection and understanding of the senses

Improved self advocacy

Increased confidence to try new things

Improved decision making

Tools for physical and emotional regulation

Develop new strategies for enjoying the outdoors

Increased awarenewss and knowledge of nature

Positive emotional response to nature

Develop responsibility for local environment

Long Term Outcomes

Better connection with others

Better connection with self

Better connection to environment


Improved physical and mental wellbeing

More responsible citizens