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Stomping Grounds Forest School is a social enterprise working throughout North East England to bring communities together and reconnect them with nature. Find out more about who we are, what we do and what we believe in…

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What is Forest School?

Learn about the key principles of Forest School and how we apply them to our work


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Stomping Grounds deliver a range of regular sessions, community programmes and bespoke packages for organisations and private parties

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What We Offer

What People Say...

  • My girl started at the under 5 group after she just turned two and has been going for the last 18 months. It has been a huge part in developing her deep connection with nature and her confidence in the outdoors. Our son has been going since he was born, and has now got his forest legs. It’s a great programme, that I also loved as an adult. We would still be there if we weren’t moving away. Really miss it.

    Dave Nguyen
  • We have noticed a reduction in [our son’s] OCD-related behaviours, which were initially prominent during the sessions, and an increase in his willingness to engage in activities independently and with less specific direction, both at forest school and at home.

    Anonymous Parent
  • Volunteering with Stomping Grounds is the highlight of my week! Forest School is everything I hoped it would be – a space for children to be themselves, be wild, have some freedom and autonomy and to learn and play outside of the classroom. It’s such an important opportunity for the children and it really does feel like a privilege to be part of it and to spend my Friday mornings with this bunch of vibrant, inquisitive little explorers.

  • I’ve spoken to Sophie who shared her aspirations for these woods and it will be fantastic for children to learn about our countryside and its diversity as well as its maintenance. I am really excited about these woods and that they have been saved for future generations.??

    Brian Hudspith
  • I have just completed my first term of Forest School with my almost 4 year old and 1.5 year old. It’s been a wonderful experience, the kids have flourished in the environment and they have had the freedom and responsibility to try activities that they would never have been able to try in a different setting. Sophie is a great facilitator, nothing is too much trouble and overall the atmosphere amongst the group has been really welcoming and friendly. Will be back again soon!

    Katy Madgwick
  • Myself and my little boy Oliver (13 months) have been going to the under 5’s session every Monday and we both love it! So nice to see kids getting involved in outdoor activities and being exposed to risk taking, decision making, nature and crafts in a family friendly way! Brought my 5 year old niece to the launch day and she has absolutely loved it and is really looking forward to coming for a few summer school sessions!

    Sarah Louise Glover
  • Our son had been out of education for a prolonged period. We were unsure how he would respond to working with new individuals or to being in an environment that he has previously found challenging. From the offset, we were reassured by the professionalism of the Stomping Ground practitioners; particularly how they managed the communication with us, the local authority, and the multi-disciplinary team working with him to ensure that his EHCP and previous experiences were understood, and their willingness to seek guidance when considering required supports for managing potential challenging behaviours driven by his autism and mental health difficulties.

    Anonymous Parent
  • My toddler has been going to the under 5s sessions in Brockwell Woods for over a year now and we both love it. Sophie is wonderful and very good at getting small children engaged! MJ enjoys using tools and having the space to get clarty. She still has a small car which she made in forest school and carries everywhere proudly telling people that she made it. Its a lovely group for adults too – everyone is friendly and lends a hand. Would highly recommend

    Hannah Sorley
  • Back to nature. Joseph really enjoyed his time with the Forest School,
    just what every kid needs! Would recommend

    Katherine Fletcher
  • My two boys had the best two days with Stomping Ground Forest School during the Christmas holidays. They absolutely loved it. I dropped them off both days feeling great trepidation, especially on the first day when it rained literally all day, and both days they came home so full of everything they’d done and all the fun they’d had: crafts, making dens, campfires, roasting marshmallows, splashing in mud (or the ‘mud on your face game’ as my oldest called it)… My washing machine may never recover but am delighted they had such fun! Would recommend to anyone.

    Julia Louise
  • Fantastic bumps & babies session this afternoon. A very welcoming group to meet other parents and share a love of all things outdoors.

    A huge thank you to the forest school leaders for trialing these new sessions! I can’t wait to bring my little one along to join in once he arrives ♥️

    Sadie Diamond-Fox
  • Stomping Grounds have been providing regular forest school sessions at our school for the last 4 years. Every class who work with them love the lessons and the opportunity to get up close to nature.
    The forest school teachers are always highly professional and have excellent regard for the needs of individual children, as well as for the safety of the group.  They form great relationships with the pupils and never fail to create interesting and inspiring learning that ensures our pupils always want to come back for more!

    Tim Godfrey, Mountfield Primary School
  • My 6 year old attended the Chopwell Forest School for the first time and he absolutely loved it! He’s not stopped talking about how much fun it was! Thank you!

    Angela Dennison
  • My son really loves his Saturday forest school adventures! He has grown in physical confidence and is much more daring in what he will do and attempt. He’s also much more comfortable with things like insects, muck and the stuff of nature! It’s a great way for children to explore the natural world, make new, non-school friendships and learn to cooperate, enjoy the outdoors and push their own boundaries. Out of school activities can be tricky if your child isn’t ‘sporty’ or doesn’t want to do drama, dance etc. Forest School is the perfect solution! I like how it has a good balance between structured and unstructured play too. Would recommend to all.

    Sarah Raad

Stomping Grounds Forest School is not-for-profit.

Our Values

Our passion is to create Forest School opportunities for all children, not just for those who’s parents can afford to pay for it or understand its aims.

We believe that by reconnecting communities with the natural world, humans can gain a deeper understanding of our place within the ecosystem and how our choices and actions can impact the environment.

The Stomping Grounds Vision
Our Values


If you’re looking to start a career in outdoor education, or just want to spend more time outdoors, we’d love for you to come and join us at one of our beautiful sites throughout the North East.

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Stomping Grounds Forest School
Stomping Grounds Forest School
Another glorious Saturday Club. Don’t forget, we have spaces on our afternoon sessions starting in Oct, for 5-14 year olds without their grown ups 🌲 🔥 😆
Stomping Grounds Forest School
Stomping Grounds Forest School
Today was quite monumental. It marks 18 weeks since we first started a well-being intervention with a young person, and the last session before they transition towards our group provision, with support. They are feeling excited, looking forward to making new friends and learning everyone’s names, I’m feeling excited too to continue the journey, maintaining positive mental health and learning new skills. We made crumble in the Dutch oven, lots of chopping, measuring, singing and focusing. It was delicious! I can’t share the recipe though because it’s TOP SECRET! #autism #asd #wellbeing #forestschool
Stomping Grounds Forest School
Stomping Grounds Forest School
Lets talk about Positive Action! We are ring fencing 15% of all of our future provision to support under represented groups to access and take part in outdoor adventure. That means that for every new group we advertise, 2 free spaces will be reserved for families and young people from low income families, the BAME community, non binary and LGBTQ+ young people, differently abled young people and girls.
Please get in touch if you’d like more info or would like to make a referral for a young person. We have opportunities for 0-5s, families, 5-11 and 11-18 year olds. #BeWildBelongTogether #PositiveAction #SocialEnterprise #NorthEast
Stomping Grounds Forest School
Stomping Grounds Forest School
Last night was our first session back at Prudhoe West after school club. We had bananas for a snack and had to talk about the forest school rules to keep safe, which are called the '3 look afters'. After that it was time to play games and Mel's forest friend Horace came to play, to try and learn our names. We all wanted to run and hide though so we played a game called Eagle Eyes. We made a nest for Mel to sit in then had to hide and see if the Eagle could see us. Then we had to run back and tap her wings while her eyes were shut and hide again, but it all got a bit difficult because a cat came to visit us, which for most of us was our favourite part of the session! Some of us built a den, Lucas made a sword, and we all used the tippy tap to wash our hands before we had sausage rolls (grown ups, don't tell them the sausage rolls were vegan!) and then went back to school to find our grown ups! Looking forward to seeing you all next week!
Stomping Grounds Forest School
Stomping Grounds Forest School
Covid 19 North East Update.
All of our current provision will go ahead as planned for now. The new local restrictions are for social gatherings and households, they do not affect our clubs and groups, which are Covid secure and fully risk assessed. You can read our covid risk assessment and policy here:
Particularly good read if you’re suffering from insomnia 😉
Stomping Grounds Forest School
Stomping Grounds Forest School
Saturday club came back this week after a looooong break. The group just picked up where they left off, playing playing playing playing with a campfire snack and hot chocolate to sustain energy amidst more play.

We’re thinking of offering a second group on Saturday afternoons. Suitable for age 5-14. Would there be any interest?