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ReFraming Autism

ReFraming Autism at Forest School

A multi disciplinary project, combining the experience and care of our Lived Experience practitioners, Autistic Advocates, Occupational Therapists, Play Therapists and Educational Psychologists to provide support to Neurodivergent children and young people and their families.

A multi year project with thanks to funding from The National Lottery, Sir James Knott Fund and Comic Relief.

Working with internally renowned Autistic Advocate Kieron Rose, alongside an ever increasing array of Autistic leaders, crafts people, charities and support agencies, this project seeks to address the mental health crisis experienced by Autistic and other Neurodivergent people, which can be attributed to living in a world that is not designed for their neurotype.

Watch it in action

Have a look at this beautiful video to see first hand the impact of these sessions

Evaluation Report

Read about the success of the first year of our project, and some beautiful quotes from the families who attended, in this evaluation report below

Impact Report: Reframing Autism Cohort 1, 22/23 (PDF)

Stomping Grounds is definitely a safe environment for us. As parents we feel we can be our true selves without judgement; our children are instantly more relaxed than they are in most other environments. We see a significant difference in them both.”


[This] safe environment is key as sometimes in sessions that are not just autism but for everyone, people judge you for the melt downs, they see you as having badly behaved kids and it can be hard.


Spending time with other neurodivergent families has a positive impact. Our children play freely; they do not feel judged as they sometimes do in other environments.


My daughter is completely herself and just drops her mask as she knows this is her space and place.


Coming to this has helped [child] just be himself and there is no judgement from others.


She just comes alive a bit more when you take the pressure off and this is definitely one of the environments where the pressure comes off. There’s no mention of having to be anyone’s anything.


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