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Sarah Crampton

Support Assistant

Sarah is passionate about encouraging a love of art, books and being outdoors. Having trained as a librarian she has worked for over a decade in higher education supporting students in their studies, finding creative solutions to their queries and helping them succeed. Her favourite thing is meeting the students as they are starting their degrees, supporting them in their studies over the years and then seeing them graduate. She previously trained as an illustrator specialising in Natural History and Children’s Book illustration.

Sarah first learned about ‘Waldkindergarten’ from her German friends and was thrilled to find one right on her doorstep, enrolling her son. Seeing her son thriving, growing confident and exploring the woods, makes her beyond happy – as an equally muddy, tree climbing, insect obsessed child herself, who never grew out the aforementioned activities.

When not at work or chasing her non-stop son, Sarah loves drawing, entomology, reading, hiking, sustainable living and gardening.

(qualifications/certifications: BA Illustration & Design, MA Information & Library Management)

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