The Stomping Grounds Vision

To give children and families from all backgrounds the time and space to connect with nature, build relationships with the land and grow communities.


1. Establish and maintain Forest School settings in a variety of woodland areas in the North East of England.

2. Deliver Forest School and outdoor learning activities in local woodlands to children and young people.

3. Engage communities in outdoor activities which reconnect them with nature

4. Encourage children and their families to further engage in outdoor activities to improve health and wellbeing



Our intended impacts are improved physical and mental wellbeing, improved social cohesion and increased involvement in caring for local natural environments.


Our passion is to create Forest School opportunities for all children, not just for those who’s parents can afford to pay for it or understand its aims.

We provide an open and welcoming space for children from disadvantaged backgrounds to gather. We inspire them and empower them to take risks, connect with nature, explore and try new things and make new friends with people from other backgrounds and age brackets.

We want to share our special site in Prudhoe with children and families from across the North East so they can experience its magic.



Stomping Grounds passionately believes that by reconnecting communities with the natural world, humans can gain a deeper understanding of our place within the ecosystem and how our choices and actions can impact the environment. We acknowledge the connection between the climate and other environmental crises and the threat of current and future homelessness, disease, food and water shortages and poverty for millions of people around the world, as well as the major damage being caused to our natural landscapes and eco-systems.

We therefore recognise our responsibility to reduce our carbon and environmental footprints and formally commit ourselves to being an environmentally responsible company, whilst seeking to share best practice and support Stomping Grounds staff, partners and customers to develop more sustainable habits.

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