Our Mission

To give children and families from all backgrounds the time and space to connect with nature, build relationships with the land and grow communities.


1. Establish and maintain Forest School settings in a variety of woodland areas in the North East of England.

2. Deliver Forest School and outdoor learning activities in local woodlands to children and young people.

3. Engage communities in outdoor activities which reconnect them with nature

4. Encourage children and their families to further engage in outdoor activities to improve health and wellbeing


We strive to be part of an ecology of services that creates a more holistic impact.

We actively partner with local organisations to best understand and serve the needs of communities.

Equality of Access

We prioritise work to those who would most benefit, which includes
those with the least access.

We want to provide a mirror into the world of the great outdoors, so that all people can see themselves in wild spaces and therefore access the benefits. This includes committing to Positive Action practices to pro-actively support historically excluded groups access our services.


Our decisions are led by our responsibility to
the planet.

Our organisation models sustainable practices in order to inspire others to do the same.


Our practice enables participants to find their own authentic selves.

By challenging our ego and subconscious bias, the language, communication and interactions we choose are thoughtful and conscious.

They do not seek to define, make assumptions based on labels or change children and young people and instead create and hold space for them to grow and thrive as whoever they choose to be.


Our intended impacts are improved physical and mental wellbeing, improved social cohesion and increased involvement in caring for local natural environments.