Meet the Team

All of our delivery leads are highly qualified Level 3 Forest School practitioners, and are experienced in outdoor education. Click the thumbnails to find out more about each of us.

We also have a vibrant team of skilled people who provide support both during sessions and behind the scenes, including digital media, fundraising, administration and session support staff.

Sophie Watkinson
Sophie Watkinson Founder, Director, Practitioner
Becky Elton
Becky Elton Director
Linda Allin
Linda Allin Director
Gary Saunders
Gary Saunders Director
Jess Lloyd
Jess Lloyd Director
Alice Holliday
Alice Holliday Practitioner
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith Early Years Practitioner
Emma Bell
Emma Bell Early Years Practitioner
Rachel Watson
Rachel Watson Kindergarten Manager
Victoria Davis
Victoria Davis Kindergarten Lead Practitioner
Susan Crozier
Susan Crozier Practitioner
Suzanne Powell
Suzanne Powell Operations Manager
Corrina Mulholland
Corrina Mulholland Practitioner
Mel Hewitt
Mel Hewitt Practitioner
Carolin Blaske
Carolin Blaske Practitioner
Sophie Nichol
Sophie Nichol Practitioner
Phil Macari
Phil Macari Practitioner


Our wonderful volunteers support the practitioners in the delivery of sessions. They learn new skills with us, improve their careers and help connect their communities with nature

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